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Top 5 Local Breweries in Houston You NEED to Try

Updated: Apr 8

"I don't like beer."

How many times have you heard that one? If you're like me, you get defensive when you hear this statement. It's kind of like saying you don't like candy. You don't like Starburst, KitKat, Sour Patch Kids, Twix?

If this is you, I have two easy steps for falling in love with beer:

Step 1: Stop saying you don't like it.

By telling yourself you don't like beer, you automatically tell your mind to close itself off to the abundance that is craft brewing. From berries and citrus to coffee and cinnamon, the beer world is completely and entirely unapologetic.

If you really want to, you can find Churro beer. That's right. The Mexican delight you love to pick up at a local carnival or an authentic Mexican refresqueria. You can find this at Eureka Heights along with their new release, Twisted Cookie, if you're a fan of Oreos.

Step 2: Don't shop local. BE LOCAL.

I hate to break it to you but simply shopping local will never make an impact. I know that's a bold statement and sounds harsh but let's break it down: Your one sale during this time has a twelve-dollar impact, at most. That just won't cut it. The difference between shopping local and being local means supporting your community. Here's how to do it: don't be a fucking asshole, make friends, and support one another in more ways than one. During this time, it is so important to make connections even if it's not face-to-face. There are more ways to support local than just purchasing items. Maybe you can buy a gift card. Maybe you can reshare a post if you don't have the money. Get to know the people behind the brand. Learn about the product and countless hours of hard work that goes into your food and drink so that when you're telling others about why they should shop local you have some credibility. Make your voice heard and turn your twelve dollars into hundreds by creating community.

Learning about what you're drinking really does open you up to the wonderful world of local craft brewing and I'll tell you this and I mean it wholeheartedly: Houston has some of the best beer in the entire country brewed by some of the greatest minds you will ever meet.

If you are new here, I recently started a podcast with my three friends called Beats N' Buds. My vision for this podcast was to invite listeners to a table to crack open a cold one while discussing some music favorites, relationships, sports, childhood memories, and more. Beer brings people together. If you are looking for new music and local brews, I recommend checking us out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Now for the real reason you are here: It's National Beer Day! I invite you to try out the following breweries. All of these breweries are offering pick-up orders so make sure you go support your lovely Houston beer community and encourage others to do the same!

5. Holler Brewing

Holler for Houston. Holler for beer.

Holler Brewing was the first local brewery I ever visited. I walked into Holler Brewing a few years ago to drop off flyers for the HoustonPress BrewFest and the staff welcomed us with open arms.

If you're looking for a brewery with great people, good local eats, and an all-around welcoming vibe, Holler has you covered.

Perla's Recommended Brew: Cacao-Abunga

4. True Anomaly

One of the newer additions to the Houston Area and I absolutely love it. If you're looking for a bad a boujee spot, I gotchu! Plus, they are making online ordering a total breeze during this unexpected time. Check out their Crowler Specials here.

Perla's Recommended Brew: Sabro Park

3. Sigma Brewing Company

I don't know if I'm biased here but let me just say, this place feels like home. If you're looking for a pre or post-game. Visit my brother Eric when you visit Sigma Brewing for some great brews, the best hospitality, and fun classic games.

Perla's Recommended Brew: Dadpils

2. Platypus Brewing

I've never been to Australia but if it's anything like friends at Platypus Brewing, maybe I need to pay Aussie a visit. My favorite part? Their full kitchen. Have you had cheese curds or fish and chips before?

Perla's Recommended Brew: Freckled Dingo

1. Urban South Brewery

This brewery has Perla SPILLED all over it. It may be the colors or the great energy. Either way, Urban South is pure happiness from the second you walk-in to the moment to the moment you buy every item on their SUPER CUTE merch line. Anyone in for a game of cornhole when this is all over?

Perla's Recommended Brew: Spilt

Support local, get to know these awesome brewers/staff, and tell all your friends to enjoy the beauty that is the Houston beer community. Happy National Beer Day, friends!




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